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About me..well.. Like I said.. I'm a dad to two seriously amazing 'made in Hong Kong' girls and the lucky husband of a gorgeous go-getter of a woman! 

My passion is a film. Well.. that and music.. I play drums, piano and guitar and I sing in the shower.

If the weather allows it, you can meet us at one of the camping spots on the weekends too. 
My office is at home so my commute is short.
After I drop off my girls for school, I grind some beans, make me an espresso. (Double, for that Shaken not Stirred feeling) 
Next, I start up the Big Mac and for the next few hours I live in the world of creation.
My mornings are for you, but the afternoons are for my girls. And in between, I play a game of Fifa. 

For me this is the perfect work-life balance!

I used to run a retail shops (cd's, video rental, cinema, distribution) for 15+ years. What I learned there is what makes me successful in what I do now. Passion, creativity, commercial vision, a deeper understanding of film, marketing and more. Understanding what the client is thinking, is a large part of meeting expectations.

I'm serious in my work and always try to keep an open mind about our project. A creative process is a funny thing and it is key to keep a clear direction and open communication to ensure all the needs are met in the end product. 

The good part is, that when there is a deadline to be met, we can always extend my work-hours for the cause. And small jobs can easily be scheduled in-between extra. If you need that updated Instagram video, I can get it to you this afternoon... that is what my clients enjoy. 

Love to hear about you next!

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