What do you do with the videos you shoot of your life?

Do you make Home Videos? 


Every day, millions of parents capture videos of their families. And too often, it stays with that. We record them and watch them once. Then they sit their in our cloud service and we scroll by them every now and again. They don't come to life.
We store them, to someday have them. But you know what? If you just keep adding clips and more clips. Over a period of 20 years time that is going to be such an enormous pile of loose videoclips that nobody know where to start anymore. 

 I'm on a special mission to change that. The memories of our children's childhood, the grandparents, the family vacations. You should enjoy them now. Bring them to life and they can live forever in these family keepsakes.


For my own family, I make them into yearbook videos.

We take a calendar year and add all the highlights. Editing these videos costs enormous amounts of time. Maybe even more than when you sit down with a script and you can get to work knowing what goes where. With these private films, we start with a whole bunch of loose clips. It takes quite some creativity to make that into a coherent private film. Not, HK's funniest Home Videos.. We're going for films that make you go 'aah' and make your kids remember those great life events.

For private, unscripted videos, I make sure it is affordable.
My heart is in those videos. For a special rate, I create a stunning memory of your children's adventures.

They take me up to 15 hours to make, but we watch our family videos every other month.
My girls love them, they ask for them. It keeps the memories alive. Their first steps. First visit to Grandma in the Netherlands. Good times.


So..home video is one thing, but that's not the only way we can use are cameras. I've done Family dances where everyone dances to a song and film themselves doing it. We put that together under that song and you have a great video clip to play at the wedding or anniversary or birthday etc..
And then there are the whatsapp messages from overseas friends for birthdays, anniversary videos, holiday reports, drone fillms. You name it.. we can make it.

Every project is different and we get more and better ideas once we start talking about it. I cannot encourage you enough: Give me a call..send a pigeon..anything to help you get going and get those videos done!

Speak with you soon!

Whatsapp or call: +65 9778 7312

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