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With our camera in our pocket we can all shoot high quality video anywhere, all the time. And it keeps getting better.

There are endless possibilities for private videos. I make videos for overseas friends who have birthdays. Or husbands or wives who turn 30, 40, 50 etc. Interviews for school. Online auditions.

Baby videos. Family keepsakes. School projects. Instagram or Facebook clips. Friends holiday trips reports.

And then within those ideas we can go a million different directions. 
Family can dance together, very Covid-aware, in their own homes. I have 'green screened' people into an airplane for a wedding video adventure. 

Really, your imagination is the limit.



And then there are the family yearbook videos. Those have a special place in my heart. I make the clips that we shoot in the zoo, holiday, learning how to ride a bike etc, into a video at the end of the year.

Think of it like the photo albums that we grew up with, but then moving image. 
My kids love them. We go really custom and take the best bits and create a 20 minute unforgettable video with songs, dance and adventures. 


Contact me to help you get going and get those videos done!

Speak with you soon!

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