Thank you and welcome to my website. You need a video.
Although every video is different, they all have a few things in common:

We need a video that represents your organization with the class and style that you work so hard for. This goes beyond your logo and your color palette. It's the approach and atmosphere that your customers are used to. 

And our video needs to be entertaining. This is something that we tend to take for granted, but shouldn't. Your audience chooses within the first 12 seconds if they are interested or if they will click on to the next video. If these are your clients.. well.. you know the risks of what they might click next in their timeline.

This is where I come from as a professional video editor. I've been in retail management for 15 years in shops, cinemas, entertainment and B2B. Together you and I will find the perfect balance in your video. Make it enticing! 

Do you need videos for your YouTube Channel or Facebook Page? Up your Instagram game? Commercial? Tutorial?
There's much to be said about how to go about it.


I prefer to be included from the get-go, even if that doesn't mean I get to work on the project immediately. When you first start grasping the ideas of what to make, I can give you input on how to best go about it. 
No need to hire an expensive Production House to do all the work for every video out there. Often, a good knowledge of the market, the audience and of the film business can help to create that perfect storyboard. 


My services as an editor cover the whole post-production process. I don't go out with a camera to get those shots for you, but I can definitely help out in the pre-production stages and give you advice on how to go and what to do. 

Just to help make sure you get me the best footage for the ideas we have. Depending on what we decide for the project and creative responsibilities we can either fix a price or go with a more flexible approach, which gives you control over the budget for this project.

Every project is different and we get more and better ideas once we start talking about it. I cannot encourage you enough: Give me a call..or send me an e-mail so we can get this off of your to-do list! 

Let's talk soon!

Whatsapp or call: +65 9778 7312

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