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Make your footage look amazing

Professional and engaging videos that capture attention.


Post Production; Editing, Audio and Video, Effects etc..

I help you with your Script Writing and tips before the shoot.

Super hot videos, served with a smile

Video editing is a super fun and creative process.
But without the proper skills and tools, it can become overwhelming quickly. 

My clients choose to work with me because of the hassle free, relaxed approach. I'm on top of my game and don't bite off more than I can chew.


I offer freelance video editing services to clients of all budgets who need high-quality video made at short term notice. Hire me and work with a smile on your face.

My services are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. I provide dedicated, reliable service with short communication lines.

We will take the footage you have selected and make it work at a fraction of the costs of a full production.
No large overhead costs, no big office to uphold.

Let's exceed your expectations together!

More Detailed
video editing hong kong


Post Production only. I don't go out with a camera. That is a very different discipline. 

I focus on: 
Creative interpretation of your footage. Story Building. Scripting. Pacing. Dialogue. Music. Transitions. Effects. Manipulation. Sound Design. Captions.
Audio and Visual Optimization. Color Grading. Green Screen. Background Management. Etc. Etc.

Man on Computer


Freelance..with passion. 
Available to work with you on short notice. I love making films that translate emotion.
Whether this is a personal project or a professional

representation of your firm, creative skills and an open mind with will lead to a successful collaboration.  


Professional or amateur films. Mobile or for the big screen. Scripted or non-scripted video. 

If you want to tell your story, make it into a film.

Forget books: W
atch the movie!
Facebook, Instagram, X and YouTube.
Share it with the world.

Or keep it for dedicated eyes only..whatever your audience is.. 

Film needs to be entertaining;  make it good!

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Personal Home Video Editing


Experiences Well Remembered.
All of us have a camera in our pocket. Always..we shoot and shoot and shoot.
I have made it my personal mission to help save these videos from disappearing in the masses of clips we gather over the years.

If you have hours worth of clips of your kids crawling, sitting, eating, walking, jumping, climbing and playing, 
you need to make a yearbook video, my friend.

Nice to meet you

Location: Hong Kong.
After a family-making-sabbatical, I started my freelance video editing service in 2014.
Now for 10 years already, I dedicate every morning to my clients and
our projects. And the afternoons are for my children. 

Lovely to be part time and freelance, this way I can focus on the product rather than the billable hours and I can choose to take up projects with people I'd actually like to work with.

Rick WS
Who is Rick?
Who's it

These cool clients came before you

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What she said

I was looking for a video editor for a school final project and got a professional end product.

Dianne G.

Rick! Your video was a real hit!! Thank you so much. You have a certain feel for video editing that I don't run into too often here in Hong Kong!
Thanks again and I'll be in touch soon.

Fiona M.

Thank you!
If we need adjustments in future, we come back to you.

Looking forward to our next project - always a pleasure to work with you!

Manfred H.


Your video is unique. Let's talk about your ideas and questions.

Don't worry, I only charge when we get going with the project.
Hit me up with a message and let's talk this through!

Your details were sent successfully! Thank you, I'll get back to you shortly.

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